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Harvey Specter

Salesperson at Sutton Group - Admiral Realty Inc., Brokerage

About Me

Mission Statement: I, provide a wide range of design and management services. Utilizes innovative technologies and creative planning strategies to maximize the efficiency of space use, while maintains sophisticated design and outstanding performance. I always see your project in a big picture, constantly consider elegance, practicality, and feasibility. I play a pivotal role in directing and advising his clients prior to and during a development projects in order to maximize return on investment (ROI). My greatest goal is to manage and design a structure at the best possible value without exceeding the planned budget and at the same time maximizing performance and aesthetic look of the space. my signature is the establishment of clear communication in everything he does. I want to make sure his clients are being constantly updated on the progress of the project. Clear documents, communication, and drawings are the most important parts of his work. Many people think of hiring a designer or Planner is as an extra expense or a luxury. I always try to look at your project as a whole, taking into account the big financial picture. looked at in this way, one of the Many roles The designer can play in the project is to assure that money is spent in the most efficient way, and to assure that you come out of the design and construction process with a Valuable Asset. one of our goals is to provide a building of greater value, for the same budget Amount, than would otherwise have been achieved. Specializes in: Land development planning, exclusive residential design, sustainable design, high-rise and mid rise complex design, entertainment and retail design, interior design and Decoration service.


Industrial, Land, Multifamily, Mixed Use, Retail


Thornhill, MB