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Auto Repair And Service Shop listings in British Columbia

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Auto Repair and Service Shop listings in British Columbia


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About British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. As one of the larger provinces, it has a landmass of 944,735 km². However, 75% of this landmass is occupied by high-rise mountainous lands. This makes two-thirds of British Columbia undeveloped and unpopulated. 

The economic powerhouses of British Columbia are agriculture, fishing, and mining. With two-thirds of the province being undeveloped, British Columbia also attracts a lot of attention from the film-making industry, due to the proper distribution of cinematic destinations. This makes British Columbia the third-largest film industry in North America, after Hollywood and New York. 

British Columbia has a population of 4.5 million. The entire population is spread through a collection of urban and rural areas, with a larger part living in the cities of Vancouver and Victoria. 

The median family income in British Columbia is $84,850. The average person earns $4,201 per month, and the average home costs about $632,000. With a strong and growing economy acting as an attractive immigration destination, British Columbia is a promising region to acquire property in Canada.