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Sale of Business listings in Manitoba


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About Manitoba

Manitoba is Canada’s most culturally diverse province with over 200 languages being spoken. The province has a relatively sizable landmass of 647,797 km², and a population of 1.3 million. About 762,000 of the population live in Manitoba’s capital city; Winnipeg. 

Manitoba offers access to free public healthcare and education to its residents. In a bid to drive growth and development, the province welcomes immigrants to its environment with open arms. 

Manitoba runs a diversified economy that has been on a path of steady growth. The province continues to maintain one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada. Manitoba’s economy is spearheaded by advancements in aerospace engineering, agriculture, and the construction industry. 

Recently, Manitoba has experienced an upward surge in the demand for commercial real estate and housing. This is due to the high influx of immigrants in the province. This trend is expected to continue over time as the province continues to welcome immigrants. 

The real estate and leasing industry contributes the most to Manitoba’s GDP with 12.98%. The Healthcare and Manufacturing industries follow closely with 10.11% and 9.42% respectively.