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Multifamily listings in Québec


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About Québec

Quebec is one of the most densely populated provinces in Canada with a population of 8 million. The province is the second largest in the country with a landmass of 1.5 million km². This is much bigger than the whole of France and Spain combined. 

Over the years, Quebec’s economy was powered by its natural resources, with fishing, trapping, and agriculture leading the pack. This has changed with the world’s advancement in technology. In recent times, the province experienced rapid growth in aerospace engineering and Information technology. The province, however, still exports pulp and paper, as well as agricultural and forestry products.

Manufacturing contributes the highest to Quebec’s GDP with 13.4%. The Real Estate and Leasing industry follows closely with 11.4%. The median income in the province is $83,780, while the average home costs about $340,000.

Quebec’s 8 million people mostly reside in Montreal, the province’s capital city. The average earner in Quebec earns significantly lower than most of the other provinces with $70,480 being the amount. Tax rates are on the high end in Quebec. The province, however, does well to compensate for this by providing high-quality services like transportation and tertiary education. By 2043, the population is expected to have grown to 9.4 million.