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Jake Mondrow

Broker at Brixton Commercial Realty, Brokerage

About Me

Are you a Landlord, Developer, or Investor looking to maximize your Sales proceeds or optimize your Leasing Agreements? In order to do this, you need to have the latest market intel from the street level, coupled with a Full-Picture Financial Analysis of your assets. So whether you are looking to buy, sell, or lease, it’s important to have the right strategy before going through the process. What I Do: I advise Landlords, Developers, and Investors in the Toronto-West Market, helping them maximize their Sales proceeds and optimize their Leasing Agreements for their Industrial and Land assets. How I Do This: Leveraging a background in Commercial Financial Analysis, I can provide you with an accurate picture of where you stand with regard to both your portfolio and the individual assets within. I work with my clients to produce a unique strategy for their situation and objectives and have the ability to put in place creative solutions - such as leveraging a VTB or other debt financing options - to get a deal done. I typically run a BOV or Full-Picture Financial Analysis for our clients and then help them execute the strategies that are in their best interest. My Experience: Over 4 years in the business representing Sellers, Landlords, and Investors. Prior to becoming a broker, I worked in commercial mortgage financing which allowed me to work closely with Landlords and Developers and learn the business from a different perspective. Contact me today for any questions or if you would like a valuation on your property.


Office, Hospitality, Industrial, Land, Multifamily, Mixed Use, Retail, Special Purpose, Sale of Business