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Maria Sierra

Broker of Record at Msierra Realty Group Inc., Brokerage

About Me

EXPERIENCE IN SELLING COMMERCIAL, RESIDENTIAL, INDUSTRIAL, COUNTRY/FARMHOMES LOVERS, AND LAND DEVELOPMENT SITES First, please remember one thing: The company is not the best just because they advertise it the most. Not..it's not!! The most important matter when you get a Real Estate Sales Representative TO SELL YOUR PROPERTY is not just the name of their brokerage…The most important is THE PERSON who you are dealing with. You need an Excellent NEGOTIATOR I help all Home Owners to sell their property with confidence. With the assurance that all the steps to get the property sold are taken into consideration and manicured just for your particular case, then after the “wheel starts to run” to get your property sold with the best of our marketing expertise. An extra talent complementing all this work happen when dealing with others with best practices in the Public Relationships endeavours which are key when I meet the clients. We represent you with all the class , transparency and knowledge you deserve. By knowing all the painful moments many of Home Owners went through, I became the person everybody would like to work with, because I have worked with my inner self to be loyal and serve with all my heart and with the best of my knowledge! I know there people that don’t care about the clients like I do, they may not understand how valuable are your assets or your Home-Sanctuary and how important is it for you to feel secure and confident with the company representing you. Not in Vague, “OH I GET IT” but I seriously have being “WHERE YOU ARE, OR MIGHT BE”. It happened to me when I put my house for sale in the market. What a journey! Because of this experience, with a lot of deceiving facts, frustrations and bad behaviours, I decided to be a Licensed Real Estate Broker to be able to represent my clients the way I would like to be represented. I have a heart like you do have, so I know how important is it for you to feel confident and secure with the PERSON representing you, when you want to sell your property. I am actually educated in that stuff…all related to Real Estate. I may know right? I feel very strongly about been educated and holding a Bachelor Degree in Architecture, Master Degree In Marketing, I have designed and built residential and Commercial properties, designed condominium buildings and developed land, and so on. I am not just a random who comes and sign the contract with you throw it in the MLS system and goodbye Charlie! I say this not for you to feel I am bragging or telling you that I am one of the top, Not never, I am a humble person.. I mention this only for you to understand the background I have to add value by getting your house sold, and the asset to communicating with people. If I have a possible buyer asking for architectural, construction matters, maybe possibilities to renovate, some renovation costs, structural stuff in your property, etc. I am very confident I can answer their concerns right on the spot which can lead the buyer to a faster decision or motivation to put and offer in your property. If we talk about marketing, you know marketing is the key tool we use to make your house visible and appealing to potential buyers! I have a list of marketing activities I do to market better the property. More than 12 Years of Experience with proven results and understanding the indirect evidence of completing a Real Estate Transaction. I know the changes of the sector and the Real Estate Practice is in huge need to recall all the legacy of doing business and performing the client’s mandates to accomplish all the Client’s Expectations. During the 12 Years of practice I have been learning what is the most important for the clients, their fears and expectations, so now we are here to give back to them all what is implied in the service we provide with the highest standards, where the person and his asset: your property, is first than anything!. It is called transferable experience which you can benefit from. I have an extensive database that can secure your sale faster than other brokerages and my Real Estate Sale expertise is combined with Residential, Commercial and Land Development, I sold properties in different areas of GTA which had provided a deeper knowledge in the Real Estate Market than being dedicated to a neighbourhood with 500 or 1,000 homes…all the same, almost same phsicographic profile and about the same types of properties. I know you never will regret taking this experience with me! I have much more to offer during our interview. ASK ME HOW I CAN SELL YOUR PROPERTY FOR A HIGHER PRICE! Minimizing your fears, avoiding the property to be sitting for longer time in the market and causing the idea that you never will sell it or giving to the market the impression that something is wrong with your property, which in reality ,it is not true! We have a recipe to SELL YOUR HOME FASTER AND FOR THE BEST PRICE! Beacuse I believe in legacy, I work with principles and values, as a part of my family's heritage!




Toronto, ON