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Sale of Business listings in Saskatchewan


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About Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan has a landmass of 651,900 km² and a population of just about 1 million. The province is one of only two provinces in Canada that are landlocked. The province offers its residents a high standard of living at a relatively affordable cost.

Saskatchewan’s economy has been led by two industries; agriculture, and oil and gas. The province exports several agricultural products including wheat and barley. Another strong industry in Saskatchewan is tourism, with activities like hiking, fishing, and camping all being attractive things to do in the environment. Saskatchewan attracts a moderate amount of immigration due to its booming agriculture industry. 

The average worker in the province earns $3,262 per month with the median family income sitting at $89,760. Living in this province is relatively affordable. Other constants like education, connectivity, and nutrition also come at moderate prices.

The real estate industry comes second in contributing to Saskatchewan’s GDP with 10.48%. The industry has experienced positive trends in recent times, with 1,914 homes sold in June alone.